Mr Jim Innes trained in Glasgow and Sheffield after qualifying from Glasgow University. He led the introduction of a number of services since he was appointed consultant at the Hull University Hospitals NHS Trust, including ROP screening, endonasal DCR and botulinum treatment for patients with dystonia. He has maintained a very keen interest in education and training with a number of roles at local, regional and national level.

He has been Regional facilitator of cadaveric surgical training in ophthalmology (strabismus and oculoplastics) 2009-date. This was the first course in the world to use Thiel cadavers for strabismus surgery training.

He was Simulation Lead for Yorkshire School of Ophthalmology 2012-2019 and was instrumental in a numerous simulation training events and projects nationally.

This included havingĀ  supervised two one year Fellowships in Simulation for ophthalmology trainees from the Yorkshire School and having significantly contributed to the development of simulation enhanced courses in ophthalmology, including new methods of teaching use of lasers in ophthalmology and development of an advanced cataract training course including their unique simulation of anterior vitrectomy (Hull Anterior Vitrectomy Simulation System). Along with another supervised trainee he has developed a porcine based simulation of the acute orbital compartment syndrome to facilitate training of lateral canthotomy/ cantholysis to any surgeon who may face treatment of this acute condition

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